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Service Master Restoration By Complete
47 Trioka Way, Staten Island, NY 10309
Phone: 718-984-6660 (New York)

35 National Rd, Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732-840-3570 (New Jersey)
Business Hours: 24 hrs - 7 days a week

We accept: Personal Checks and Cash

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

IICRC Certified


Vandalism Cleanup and Repair - Staten Island & Brooklyn, NYSometimes a home or building may sustain damage not from a natural disaster, but from an act of vandalism.  Vandalism is a petty crime and when your home or property is damaged by a vandal, it can be very frustrating and expensive to fix.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides vandalism cleanup and repair in Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY as well as Somerset and Middlesex counties in New Jersey.  We can effectively clean up and repair the resulting damage from vandalism to get your home or building back to its normal condition.

Experiencing an act of vandalism can be infuriating and our technicians will help restore your peace of mind with our effective cleaning services.  We use the best cleaning products of the industry to remove graffiti and other substances typically used by vandals.  You can rest assured that we will restore your furniture, walls, flooring, and other property damaged by vandalism.

The following tips can help you minimize some of the damage caused by vandalism in your home:

  • Use water to wash off eggs and other residue
  • Remove physical debris and make sure to scrape or blot stains from fabrics, never rub
  • Use a shop vacuum to remove broken glass
  • Make a complete list of the damage

Make sure you avoid these actions:

  • Don’t try to remove paint, ink, or other chemical stains.
  • Avoid using damaged electrical appliances until they can be inspected.
  • Do not throw away any broken pieces because they could help with the repair.
  • Avoid using household cleaners on carpeting, upholstery, and other fabrics until you consult with a professional.

Vandalism is an unexpected and unwelcome nuisance but by reacting quickly and calling ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete, you can avoid significant or lasting damage.  Our technicians can cleanup substances used by vandals, such as spray paint and eggs, and repair any damage to your home or furnishings.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (718) 984-6660 for vandalism cleanup and repair in Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY as well as Somerset and Middlesex counties in New Jersey.


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