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No home or building is invincible when it comes to water damage because it can come from so many potential sources.  Weather conditions like rain, flooding, and humidity are common causes of water damage, and internal issues like pipe bursts, leaking fixtures or appliances, and overflows can cause water damage in your home or building at any time.  Excess water in your home or building is dangerous because it can spread far and deep through absorbent building materials which leads to swelling, discoloration, structural damage, and mold growth.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides water damage restoration services for homes and commercial buildings in Newark, NJ and all of Essex County.  Our technicians arrive on the scene just 1-2 hours after your initial call to contain the excess water and form an effective restoration plan to remove it.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Essex County

Water Damage Restoration in Newark, NJ and Essex CountyAny amount of water in your home or building should be cause for alarm because of the damage that can result.  As the water spreads deeper into the porous building materials, it will cause the materials to become damaged and weakened which can lead to major structural damage if given enough time.  The other major concern with water damage is the potential for mold growth.  Objects and materials affected by water are more likely to experience mold growth which will make the damage worse and introduce the risk of mold related health effects.

At ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete, we are prepared to remove any amount of water from standing flood water to excess moisture using the best water extraction and drying equipment available.  Once the water is removed, we will thoroughly dry the affected materials and repair or restore the resulting damage.

You can expect the following basic steps with our water damage restoration services:

  • Emergency Response: Our technicians arrive within 1-2 hours of your call to contain the damage and do a thorough evaluation.
  • Water Extraction and Drying: We can remove standing water with our water extraction equipment and set up our dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from affected materials.
  • Reinstallation and Cleaning: The affected area is cleaned and restored once the water is removed and we will move large objects like furniture back to their original places.

As you wait for our technicians to arrive, you can do the following to help limit the damage:

What to Do After Water Damage

  • Mop or blot dry to remove excess water
  • Remove rugs and other non-permanent floor coverings, leave carpeting and permanent flooring to the professionals.
  • Keep the drapes off the floor by putting the bottoms through a coat hanger and putting the hanger on the rod.
  • Wipe excess water from your furniture and put aluminum foil under the legs.
  • Put vulnerable objects like photos in a safe place.
  • Keep water damaged books packed together to help prevent page warping until they can be dried properly.
  • Open all the doors in your home to help with the drying process.

What Not to Do After Water Damage

  • Do not enter a flooded room unless the power is shut off.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to remove standing water.
  • Do not remove permanent carpeting or flooring.
  • Do not use electrical appliances until you are sure they are safe.
  • Do not try to clean mold growth or mildew.

It is very important to react to water damage on your property as soon as you notice the problem to prevent serious damage and mold growth.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete is available 24 hours a day to respond quickly to water damage emergencies in Newark, NJ and Essex County and get your property restored as quickly as possible.  You can reach us at (732) 840-3570 for professional water damage restoration.

We service Newark, West Orange, Bloomfield, Montclair, East Orange, Bellville, Irvington, Livingston, North and West Caldwell, Nutley, and Northfield in Essex County New Jersey.

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