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Hard surface floors are found everywhere from laminate floors in kitchens to quarry floors in warehouses, because they are durable and resilient.  However, hard surface floors are not invincible as many are vulnerable to stains, and debris buildup on the surface and within crevices can eventually affect the look and condition of the floor.  Sweeping and mopping are important for maintaining these floors, but they also need professional cleaning services to stay in top shape.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides commercial and residential hard surface floor cleaning services in Newark, NJ and the surrounding areas of Essex County.  Our technicians can thoroughly clean and restore any type of hard surface floors using advanced cleaning equipment, products, and methods.

Residential Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning for Newark, NJ and Essex CountyMost homes feature a variety of hard surface floors including tile, laminate, hardwood, and vinyl, and each flooring type is susceptible to dirt buildup, stains, and wear and tear.  Hard floors are normally chosen for specific areas of the home because they are more durable and moisture resistant than carpeting, but these areas also have more foot traffic.  As dirt builds up in the crevices and spaces of hard surface floors, it can affect the appearance of the floor, wear out the finish, and damage the adhesives that hold the floor together.  Our technicians can thoroughly remove stains and debris from hard surface floors and restore the finish for an improved appearance.

You can expect the following results from our hard surface floor cleaning services:

  • Clean floors with a renewed shine
  • Less wear and tear
  • Better sip resistance
  • Removal of scratches, scuff marks, and other minor surface damage
  • Longer lasting finish

Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

The appearance of a hard surface floor in an office or commercial building can really affect the impression that people have of your business.  A hotel lobby with a well-maintained wood floor has a look of elegance while a hospital with shiny, spotless flooring looks clean and professional.  Hard flooring in commercial buildings needs professional cleaning more often because of the volume of foot traffic, and many companies cannot effectively maintain their floors in house.  Our technicians can clean any type of commercial hard surface flooring, including marble, tile, vinyl, ceramic, quarry, and wood, with the best cleaning equipment and methods of the industry.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete offers regularly scheduled cleaning services for businesses to consistently clean and maintain their hard surface floors.  Our commercial floor cleaning services have the following benefits:

  • Thorough cleaning with the best equipment and cleaning products available
  • Better slip resistance
  • Improved appearance
  • Extended life for your floors

While hard surface floors are chosen for their durability, they are still vulnerable to general wear and tear and need regular cleaning to stay in great shape.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete is prepared to clean and restore all type of hard surface flooring for homes and businesses in Newark, NJ and the surrounding areas of Essex County.  Give us a call at (732) 840-3570 to schedule a cleaning appointment for your hard surface floors.

We serve Newark, West Orange, Bloomfield, Montclair, East Orange, Bellville, Irvington, Livingston, North and West Caldwell, Nutley, and Northfield in Essex County New Jersey.

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