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Bergen County, NJ, residents are familiar with the harshly cold temperatures that winter provides. When temperatures reach such a low number, it can be troublesome for your home. Burst pipes and fixtures are the most common household issue concerning freezing temperatures. Pipes and fixtures burst when the water inside of them freeze into ice. Especially susceptible to bursting are pipes in uninsulated areas and small fixtures, such as a fire sprinkler head. When they burst, they can quickly leak a great deal of water into your home. ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete provides homes and businesses with restoration services to address burst pipe or sprinkler head problems. Our technicians will remove the water from the burst and restore your property, repairing the damage it caused.

Frozen Pipes and Sprinkler Heads

Frozen Pipes and Sprinkler Heads – Bergen County, NJSome of the pipes for a plumbing system are often located in areas with poor insulation, such as in basements, attics, and wall cavities. Because they are in uninsulated areas, they are more vulnerable to freezing when it’s cold out. Once water in a pipe freezes into ice, it expands in size and may place pressure on the pipe. Enough pressure will cause the pipe to burst. The same thing happens with ice in a sprinkler head. Within only a few hours, the burst can spill hundreds of gallons of water into your property. That said, it’s essential to act immediately.

When a pipe or sprinkler head bursts in your property, the first thing you need to do is shut the water off at the emergency valve. Afterwards, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete for our help. Our technicians use advanced water extraction methods and equipment to eliminate the water from your property. Additionally, we will ensure all affected building materials and objects are completely dried by using our dehumidification process. We also work to prevent mold growth by completely cleaning and restoring the damaged area.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Severe damage can be done to your home if pipes freeze. As such, you should take the necessary actions to prevent frozen pipes:

  • Turn on faucets slightly so flowing water will be traveling through the pipes, making it less likely for the pipes to freeze.
  • Open up cabinets beneath sinks to expose the pipes to warmer air. You can also use a space heater to keep these pipes warm.
  • Insulate the pipes in uninsulated areas with pipe insulation or electric heating tape.
  • If it’s safe, use a space heater in uninsulated areas that have pipes.
  • Turn the outside water supply off during the winter and take any garden hoses inside.

Finding Frozen Pipes

When water inside of a pipe freezes, there is only so much time to locate and thaw it before it ends up bursting. It isn’t always easy to find the frozen pipe, though. You can locate a frozen pipe more quickly by following these steps:

  • Test the water pressure by turning on faucets. The pipe that froze is often the one in the supply line of faucets that have low water pressure.
  • Keep the faucet running until you locate the frozen pipe.
  • Look for any fissures, frost, ice, or bulges on the pipes.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

When you find the frozen pipe, it needs to be thawed right away to stop a burst from occurring. The easiest pipes to thaw are ones that are exposed and directly accessible. When you start to thaw the pipe, make sure that the faucet is still running. Get a heat lamp or hair dryer and apply the heat to the frozen spot. When the frozen section heats up, make your way toward the faucet. If you cannot easily access the frozen pipe, use these tips:

  • In the inaccessible area, turn the heat higher.
  • Heat the wall directly in front of the frozen pipe with an infrared heat lamp. The infrared heat can directly pass through the air and drywall.
  • Remove the ceiling or drywall surrounding the pipe, so you can directly access it and thaw it using the aforementioned process.

Serious damage can happen if a pipe or sprinkler head bursts, making it important to take preventative measures. If a pipe burst does happen, then turn off the water supply right away. Then call (732) 840-3570 to seek help from ServiceMaster Restoration by Complete. We help homes and businesses in Bergen County, NJ, with burst pipe and sprinkler head emergencies and we are ready to respond 24 hours a day.

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